Togetherness – By Pastor Bob Young

Flies are flies and bees are bees. But there is more difference between the two than just how they look or sound. Simply put, flies don’t nest. There is no cooperation between them – only self-interest. Flies have no collective identity or higher order of specialization – they are the anarchists of the insect world….

Communications Director Job

We’re Hiring! Communications Director Job Description

Vinelife is excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for a “Communications Director” position. We are praying for an experienced, self-motivated team member who loves God, considers Vinelife their church home, and is eager to serve our community. Please review the job description below to determine if you would like to apply. Even…


The Book of Acts

This Sunday, we’re thrilled to begin a teaching series where we’ll walk through the book of Acts. In our main gatherings, we don’t often walk through Scripture sequentially, but in prayerful dialogue our leadership team felt a growing desire to be rooted in Scripture as we come into the Fall season. We invite you to…

Gwen Doherty

What Does It Really Mean to Be an Evangelical Church?

At Vinelife we identify as an evangelical church, but also a charismatic, non-denominational church. Distinctions aside, our ultimate vision is to awaken the world to know the fullness of life through Christ. It is this powerful message that informs our daily prayer and guides our ministries and faith toward a greater understanding of ourselves and…