VinelifeKids_600x250Vinelife Kids is Vinelife’s ministry
for babies & children up to 5th grade.

Vinelife Kids is committed to offering children a safe, fun, nurturing, and caring environment where they can learn about God and spiritual truths that will last them a lifetime. Kids programs are available for children birth through grade 5 during our Sunday morning service. Please see below for more information on each age group.

How is Vinelife Kids safe and secure?

Safety is of utmost concern to us. All of the children in Vinelife Kids receive a numbered security tag that allows only the parent (or adult who brought the child) to pick them up. If we need to contact you regarding your child for any reason, your child’s number will appear on a board in the main auditorium.

To continue with our commitment to safety, we also maintain teacher/child ratios for each classroom.

  • Babies Birth – Beginning Crawlers: 1 Adult for every 3 babies
  • Babies Confident Crawlers – 23 months: 1 Adult for every 4 babies
  • Vinelife Kids Jr. 2 & 3 years old: 1 Adult for every 5 children
  • Vinelife Kids Jr. 4 & 5 years old: 1 Adult for every 8 children
  • Vinelife Kids Elementary: 1 Adult for every 10 children
  • It is our policy that there are at least two volunteers in every classroom at any given time.

Read about Vinelife Kids Babies (Birth – 23 months)

Babies are such a special treasure – full of fun, life, and discovery. In the Vinelife Kids Babies Ministry you will find an amazing group of volunteers that are there not because we “need” someone in the room, but because they truly love these little ones.

Just babysitting? No way! Our classrooms go a step further. Each week these little ones are learning that God made everything – including animals. Every Sunday we have activities planned to help solidify that fact in their hearts. These activities include, animal sound CD’s, object lessons, specially selected toys, Baby Sign Language, as well as prayer. Because babies and toddlers need repetition, we have selected only one animal per month. Your little one will be given a “Take Home” sheet each week that will include a prayer focus for parents, an activity you can do at home with your child and the Baby Sign for the month so that you can reinforce it when they see these animals.

Read about Vinelife Kids Jr. (2 – 5 years old)

Each weekend children learn a lesson from the Bible and how it applies to their life. During this time children learn through stories, object lessons, crafts, and games. Using these venues kids learn such life application pieces as sharing, kindness, listening to our parents, patience, and more!

Our classrooms are filled with teachers and assistants that look forward to not only being with your child, but also being there for your family as well.

Read about Vinelife Kids Elementary (Kindergarten – 5th Grade)

If you’ve ever had to drag your child to church, then they haven’t been to a Vinelife Kids Sunday at Vinelife. With top-notch volunteers, loads of interactive activities, and life changing life application lesson – you’re kids will be dragging you back for more!

Children begin in a break-out group according to their grade level (K & 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 4th & 5th). This helps them to develop relationships with kids in their class and their teachers.

About twenty minutes into the service, all of the elementary classrooms filter into a large group teaching time. During this segment, we’ve developed fun ways to reach today’s media driven child, by using a variety of visual techniques including Blacklight Storytime, drama, games, and music that centers on the main theme, as well as, the Scripture for the day.

At the end of the large group teaching, children head back to their class to take the teaching to another level. There they discuss how they can put what they’ve learned to practice.

Planning on visiting Vinelife Kids soon?

You can save yourself a few minutes at check-in if you pre-register your kids now. Vinelife Kids takes security seriously, with that in mind, one of the many security measures we use is Kid Check – a secure online check-in system. Please know that when you register your child, you are not checking them into the classroom, you are simply completing the first step in this process. This step is the most involved and only needs to be completed one time, unless you need to change your child’s information. Please follow the link below to complete this process.

Kid Check Registration

Now when you arrive, you will only need to give your phone number to the greeter at the window and they will check all of your kids in the classroom at once for you. It’s that simple! If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.

Vinelife Kids Coordinator | Valerie Swanson |


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