Kainos_FacebookKainos is Vinelife’s ministry for Jr. High & High School students.

If you are in Jr. High or High School and want to see the face of God, or even if you simply just have questions about this whole thing, come check us out. We believe that God has awesome plans for your life, and we can’t wait to meet you.

Kainos | High School Gathering | Every Friday night at 7 p.m. | Located in the Theater at Vinelife.

Kainos:jv | Junior High (6th – 8th grade) | Meets on Sunday mornings in the Theater after worship in the 11 a.m. service.

Kainos Leadership Team | Shannon Clark, Stacie Searcy, Matthew Eifert, Gary Lee, Hannah Killian | kainos@vinelife.com

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[toggle type=”white” title=”So, what does “Kainos” mean?“]Throughout the New Testament there are two words used for “new” in the Greek – Neos and Kainos. When looking at the definitions of these two words, we can see tremendous revelation about our identity in Christ.

Neos: This refers to new in terms of time. A new version of same kind and same quality. For example, if you had an old Chevy truck and then decided to buy a new one that was the same in every way only with no mileage. That would be “Neos”. No different, just fresh off the factory line.

Kainos: This definition of “new” is beyond time, new of kind and of quality. This version of new is unprecedented, uncommon and unheard of. A new so far beyond that which existed before that it’s not even worth comparing it to the old. It is something that literally has never existed before. For example, if you had an old Chevy truck and then decided to take it to the dump and get the latest space craft as your new form of transportation instead….well, that would be Kainos new.

In the well-known passage of scripture that says “… if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation” (2 Cor. 5:17) the word used for new is kainos. In Christ, we are no longer our old man. We are literally something that has never existed before! When we were born again we became something altogether different than our old sinful self and have entered into a new existence. This new Kainos identity was purchased for us by Jesus Himself on the cross.

For Vinelife’s youth ministry, identity will always be a main focus. So “Kainos” seems to fit perfectly as the name of the ministry. This name is a declaration over our youth about who they truly are in Christ. This will inspire them to be themselves, inspire them to live as passionate sons and daughters of the King, and inspire them to invite others into that same newness.[/toggle]