Relational Values


The eight Relational Values expressed below are not “mission statement” type values, but rather are inter-personal in nature and represent how we believe Jesus wants us to see and relate to each other. We want to establish a community culture where these values are demonstrated and displayed so as to create an environment of safety and trust.

Non-Negotiable Unconditional Love

Love that is genuine is always offered without condition or negotiation between the giver and the receiver. It is not the result of a promise of future performance on the part of any party. Further, putting this kind of genuine love first and last in every situation keeps us in the abiding Presence of God. Love first heals and then seals every relational problem. Offering genuine love mirrors the absolute love that Christ extends to us.

Relationships of Openness and Honesty

Relationships of openness and honesty allow us to drop our mask and image that we can unconsciously present to the world. In this way we live experiencing the intentional freedom and joy before people, just as we do before God. Open and honest relationships banish gossip and slander. They require us to speak to people, not speak about them.

Believing the Best

Believing the best about people does not mean ignoring their faults. We’re seeking to discover the hidden treasure their Creator has placed within them. We all are a work in progress and therefore deserving of mercy, grace and love. When we believe the best about one another, we lay the foundations of grace and honor on which we can build an atmosphere to grow deepening relationships.

Always Declare Our Commitment

Declaring our commitment to others is often the best way of receiving and understanding God’s commitment to us. Scripture is God’s declaration of commitment to humanity. His whole heart is in His Word to us. When we declare our commitments, our heart follows them as well.

Truth Wrapped in Love, Preceded by Grace

Truth expressed in compassion and love can bring healing to others. Truth is not just about being right, because inherent in Truth is the mandate of doing right. Grace extended will establish a place that allows acceptance and truth to combine with loving kindness… making people whole.

Character Before Gifting

Each person has gifts, however they can carry us further than our character can sustain. Growing in character will enhance and stabilize our gifts.

Give and It Shall Be Given

Giving is at the center of God’s heart. If God can pass it through us, He will give it to us.

Stewardship Not Ownership

Because God is the creator and giver of all things, Stewardship is the commitment to involve God in everything. When The Holy Spirit rules our life and identity, we strive to be in full cooperation with Him.