A New Day for a Kingdom Church

(The following is a prophetic word given at Vinelife Church. This is one of several declarations that have shaped the identity and vision of the Vinelife community. We pray this message serves to encourage us personally and communally.) 

A Kingdom Church

Jack Taylor
March 2010
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Vinelife Church

It is a new day in the life of the church. The past has been relegated to the past except to say that “all things work together for good to those who love the Lord who are called according to his purpose”. Nothing has happened in the history of this church that should cause shame and regret. A new day has dawned, all shame has been removed and it has everything to do with the Kingdom. This church has been called to be a KINGDOM church. I prayed over the elders and staff that everyone there have an impartation of anointing to pursue the Kingdom, seeing the King and the Kingdom first. For all those desiring it, I will pray the same today.

The result will be an uncommon interest and passion to seek the King, see the Kingdom, experience the King, and declare the Kingdom. That will begin to happen immediately and you will open the Bible and it will seem like a new book altogether. The King will jump off pages where He had not been seen before. The whole of truth will begin to be revealed to you. Youth and little children will be students and teachers of Kingdom truths. A Kingdom worldview will be developed and the world will be touched by the ministry of this church. Your school will be a Kingdom-Centered school with signs and wonders occurring frequently. Children will pray for the sick of soul and body and they will recover. People will come to the church that other churches are not looking for and will become before your eyes the kind of people that every church wants. Directions in every facet of the church’s life and future will become clearer and clearer.

I say over you “You are My sons and I am pleased with you, I have not left you orphans but have made you sons.” Spiritual orphans will come among you and I will make them sons before your eyes. Orphan spirits among you will be healed and see themselves as sons.

The supernatural will become common as you honor my Kingdom among you.”