2021 Bible Reading Plan

This year, Vinelife will be reading through the New Testament as a unified church family.

While many people prefer to choose their own Bible reading plan or devotional study, we believe this a critical time to join together in shared journey through the story of God in Scripture.

Why read through Scripture together?

Be Together as God's People

Imagine knowing the rest of the Vinelife church family is reading the same Scriptures on the same days. In a time of distance, we can still be together in Spirit.

Find Your Place in God's Story

Each week, our groups, teaching, and prayer will align with the Bible passage we read during the week. We’ll also post videos and resources to help you go deeper.

Access the Truth of God's Word

With as much input as we have from news and media, the regular reading of God’s Word is how we allow the Holy Spirit to speak to transform us from the inside out.

Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Download and print the 2021 Reading Plan
  2. Choose whether you will read the entire Bible, or just the New Testament.
  3. Schedule a time each day to be with God in Scripture.