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Cohorts are a 10-month immersive training and coaching intensive that will help you cultivate an everyday spirituality of paying attention to what God is doing in and around us, participating more fully in the life God shares with us, and leading others into that life as well.

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At Vinelife, we are joining God’s vision to see the whole world awakened to the fullness of life in Christ. We want to see every man, woman, and child come into the saving knowledge of Jesus and be equipped to live out their unique God-given calling on earth. That’s revival!

But a high altitude vision like that begs the question…

How do we do that?


It’s understandable that a vision like this might leave us feeling overwhelmed, intimidated, and uncertain of where to begin. And that’s why it’s important we return to the simplicity of Jesus’ mandate to his followers – “Go and make disciples of every nation.”

Jesus simply asks us to do what he did – make disciples. While ministry programs, conferences, classes, small groups, and church services are good and necessary, we’ve found that in an of themselves, they don’t necessarily make mature disciples.

  • So how did Jesus bring transformation into the lives of people around him?
  • What did he mean when he said “Go and make disciples”?
  • And how is THIS any different than any other church program?

The Gap in Our Discipleship

We’ve all hit this wall before. Just because we know something about the Bible or have had a certain experience with God doesn’t mean that our lives are being transformed into the image of Christ. You may have even asked this question:

How can I bridge the gap between what I KNOW with my head and what I DO in my life?

We typically try to bridge it in all kinds of ways:

  • Some adopt a “try harder” approach, appealing to the will to fix what’s wrong. We think we can bridge the gap by relying on behavior modification.
  • Some adopt a “get smarter” approach, appealing to the intellect. We think we can bridge the gap by relying on better teaching.
  • Some adopt a “get zapped!” approach, appealing to the emotions. We think we can bridge the gap by relying on supernatural experiences.

But here’s what we find: these strategies are massively important, but long-term they do not always produce mature, powerful disciples of Jesus.

They don’t train us to trust Jesus. Instead, they habituate us into moralism, intellectualism, or a chasing after ecstatic experiences.

We are after transformation and reproduction, not simply smarter and better behaved Christians.

So how can we get there?

Beyond Words and Works: the WAY

To get from WORDS to WORKS, we can’t go “straight across” with knowledge, obedience, or experience.

Instead, we need to recognize that something is at work beneath the surface at the level of our desires and motivations.

We call this the WAY, and we need to be able to see it and name it if we’re going to be transformed.

Discipleship that Integrates Words, Works, and Way

From the anchor point of the WAY of Jesus, we can begin to integrate WORDS and WORKS into a holistic model of transformative leadership that trains us to lead like Jesus, live on mission, and make disciples.

We hear the gospel, surrender to God’s WORDS of grace which transforms our love toward the kingdom, resulting in WORKS that are done in the WAY of Christ:

The right thing done for the right reason in the right way.


What You’ll Learn in a Leadership Cohort:

  • How to be truly present to yourself, others, and God
  • How the love of Jesus Christ is actually the key to integrated discipleship
  • How to listen to the Holy Spirit and discern what God is saying and doing in the everyday situations of your life
  • How to become more responsive to the good news of Jesus in your life
  • How to proclaim good news to others in evangelism and discipleship
  • How to train others in reproducible tools for discipleship and mission
  • How to develop disciples into leaders who multiply themselves

The outcome is leaders who are:

  • At home in the love of God
  • Empowered to live on mission with Jesus.
  • Able to discern and proclaim the gospel of the kingdom of God in every situation.


What’s the investment?


  • 75 minutes per week to participate in the video call.
  • Another 30-60 minutes during the week for reading & assignments, on average.


  • If you plan to participate sporadically and hope that you’ll experience the transformation by osmosis or something, do not sign up.
  • If you’re not willing to put in the time required and be honest and vulnerable with your group, do not sign up.
  • But if you show up ready to fully engage, do your homework, and dig into the process, we are confident it will change your life and transform your ministry.

We pray you’ll consider joining as we seek to become Spirit-filled disciples, making disciples in the nations of the earth!