(The following is a prophetic word given at Vinelife Church. This is one of several declarations that have shaped the identity and vision of the Vinelife community. We pray this message serves to encourage us personally and communally.) 

An Epicenter for God’s Glory (selected excerpts)

Ray Hughes
July 2012
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“The Lord showed me that this room, because of what you guys carry in your generation, this room right here is gonna become an epicenter of His glory. He’s gonna begin to release sounds and shockwaves out of this room that will be like an epicenter just spreading out, a rippling effect, because of the simplicity and the purity of what people are carrying in their hearts in this place. That is God’s desire. I believe that. Because even the art itself that comes out of here is gonna declare His glory.”

“God’s gonna start moving in ways that are gonna defy all intellectual reasoning, and He’s gonna challenge every religious spirit that’s ever tried to raise its head up in this whole region and this whole realm here, and you are going to have to become a people that learn how to effectively say, “I don’t know.”

“As God calls you to do a new thing, maybe a whole new dimension of expressed creativity will come that is latent, dormant, seeds hidden away in your heart. God never asked Noah to build an ark until He had built the trees. God’s already got the trees waiting. He’s already got all the resources waiting for you to fully be who you were created to be. You’re gonna step into places of worship, and the overflow of your worship, then, is gonna be like carrying a sound that’s gonna capture the hearts of those that hear the sound of what God’s doing in your life, to you and through you.”

“This place is supposed to look like this creative God that has touched the DNA of this place and of this heart and created a song and an expression and a sound coming out of here that can’t come from somewhere else! It’s not about continuing to find ways to emulate other expressions somewhere else. God wants to find the unique sound and song that comes out of your individual life and cause you to be a part of the bouquet of his creativity of this house. This region right here has a sound that is not being realized. The songs are being diminished continually because of the spirit realm stuff that is worshipping other gods. And this is the day of the visitation of the Lord to come to this place and begin to shift everything. It’s time for real harvest to come to Colorado.“