We are becoming ever more an angry world. A casual peek into the swirling cauldron of events, and conversation in commercial and social media reveals a deep and intimate anger. The “water cooler” dialog is the same. The relentless pressure of a flow of real time information and the rhetoric of agitation is driving peace from our lives and our lands.

There are few levers of human emotion that are more powerful than righteous indignation. It seems almost more compelling and painful when we have taken offense at the wounds of another. In fact, the more powerless the victim appears – the more offense we seem to encounter. We rage against innocence taken advantage of.

Our thinking is becoming like that of a fly, a creature that will travel for miles over fragrant fields of beautiful flowers to land on a cow-pie to feed and lay its eggs.

Our cultural tendency to obsess about the negative only elevates our circumstances over the hope that Jesus gave us through His life, death and resurrection. When we can see us in Christ and Christ in us, we agree with the Father on what is real.

That perspective informs us that our circumstances actually demonstrate the Father helping us grow and upgrading us into more intimacy with Him. Outside of time, He has already been here. He’s not wondering what will happen next.

Holding fast to our identity in Christ opens the door for us to be like a bee.

Unlike the fly, the bee never makes it to the cow-pie because it is rejects the stench.

The inclination of the bee is to savor the exotic fragrance of the blossom, taste its sweet nectar, and to naturally share the very essence of fertility and life by carrying pollen to every bloom it touches.

What a picture of a life of discipleship.

When we think and act like a bee, we can actually experience the Presence of Jesus going before and beside us, walk in the Promises He has set aside for us and enjoy His Provision in every aspect of our lives.

So we must ask, “What does the bee kind of journey actually look like?”

We will explore that answer in the next segment titled “The Tension of Choice.