Community is one of the cornerstones of our charismatic church at Vinelife. It is through and with community that we come to celebrate our intimacy with God and awaken ourselves, others, and the world to the fullness of life in Christ.

What is a Community Culture?

At Vinelife Church, we want to continue to establish what we like to call a  community culture. There is no official mission statement that points to a specific roadmap on how to do this. We do not wish to formalize our community, but rather, we aim to create a safe and secure environment of goodness and of newness where all may celebrate Christ through a demonstration of positive inter-personal values. These key values are:

  • Non-negotiable unconditional love
  • Relationships of openness and honesty
  • Believing the best
  • Always declare our commitment
  • Truth wrapped in love, preceded by grace
  • Character before gifting
  • Give and it shall be given
  • Stewardship not ownership

This is who we are. This is how we interact with one another. These Relational Values are values that shine not only throughout our Sunday services but also in our volunteer efforts, church youth group activities, music and art.

These values are our community culture and those who are a part of that culture are family. These values represent who we are, how we want to treat others, and how we like to be treated. They are a cultural guide in how to best create a positive community that comes together to celebrate God and to spread God’s word. Our charismatic, spirit-filled church is a place where open minds and open hearts share in an open and honest community with common goals and beliefs.

How We Share Our Community Culture at Vinelife Church

Our community culture aims to mirror the absolute love that God extends to us — unconditional love, honesty, commitment, truth — it is when we exemplify these values that we abide the Presence of God.

Serving the greater Longmont and Boulder areas, people do travel from great distances to be a part of the community culture at Vinelife. We are blessed to be located in this beautiful location, but while our community travels to us, we also travel to our community.

Through our Ministries we bring our community culture across the globe to assist people in Rwanda and Uganda, Africa as well is in Juarez, Mexico. We are proud of our Global Missions and global partnerships, but we also recognize the need to help those a bit closer to home which is why we encourage our community members to volunteer their time and donate items to local clothing and food banks.   

Our community culture is further enriched by our church youth group, Kainos, and of course by our younger children through Vinelife Kids. Our church extends through generations by reaching out and helping all to feel welcome and loved non-negotiably and unconditionally.

If our church community’s relational values sound good to you, we encourage you to learn more about Vinelife and discover how you fit into this community culture.