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Vinelife Kids

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How do I check in my children to Vinelife Kids?
When you arrive to the Vinelife Kids area, you’ll need to register your family and important information about your kids. Vinelife Kids takes security seriously. With that in mind, one of the many security measures we use is an online check-in system.

You can save yourself a few minutes at check-in if you pre-register your kids now.  You can do that by filling out the form as you plan a visit. Please know that when you fill out this form, you are not checking them into the classroom, you are simply completing the first step in this process. This step is the most involved and only needs to be completed one time unless you need to change your child’s information.

After submitting the form, you will only need to give your phone number to the greeter at the check-in desk and they will check all of your kids in the classroom at once for you. It’s that simple!

What is a baby's experience like?
Babies are such a special treasure – full of fun, life, and discovery. In the Vinelife Kids Babies Ministry, you will find an amazing group of volunteers that are there not because we “need” someone in the room, but because they truly love these little ones.

Just babysitting? No way! Our classrooms go a step further. Each week these little ones are learning that God made everything – including animals. Every Sunday we have activities planned to help solidify that fact in their hearts. These activities include animal sound CD’s, object lessons, specially selected toys, Baby Sign Language, as well as prayer.

What about my toddler?
Pre-K (2 – 4 years old)

Each weekend children learn a lesson from the Bible and how it applies to their life. During this time children learn through stories, object lessons, crafts, interactive videos, and games. Using these venues kids begin to understand and practice compassion, kindness, listening skills, healthy decision making and more!

Our classrooms are filled with teachers and assistants that look forward to not only being with your child but also being there for your family as well.

Vinelife Kids Jr. & Elementary (5 years old - 4th grade)
If you’ve ever had to drag your child to church, then they haven’t been to a Vinelife Kids Sunday at Vinelife. With top-notch volunteers, loads of interactive activities, and life changing life application lesson – you’re kids will be dragging you back for more!

Children are checked in downstairs in the Registration area.  We then bring the group up to the main auditorium to worship in the Kid’s area.  Later, in their classrooms we have Jesus-centered learning and activities, interactive videos, games, outdoor recess, snacks, etc.  Kids also learn a weekly Bible memory verse through song and movement.  These activities encourage children to develop relationships with kids in their class and their teachers.

How will my kids be safe and secure?
Safety is of utmost concern to us. All of the children in Vinelife Kids receive a numbered security tag that allows only the parent (or adult who brought the child) to pick them up. If we need to contact you regarding your child for any reason, your child’s number will appear on a digital screen in the main auditorium.

To continue with our commitment to safety, we also maintain teacher/child ratios for each classroom.

  • Babies (6 months to 23 months) – Beginning Crawlers: 1 Adult for every 4 babies
  • Pre-K – 2 – 4 years old: 1 Adult for every 7 children
  • Vinelife Kids Jr.– 5 years old – 2nd grade: 1 Adult for every 10 children
  • Vinelife Kids Elementary – 3rd and 4th grade: 1 Adult for every 10 children
  • It is our policy that there are at least two volunteers in every classroom at any given time.
Jr. High & High School Students


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What does "Kainos" mean?
Throughout the New Testament there are two words used for “new” in the Greek – Neos and Kainos. When looking at the definitions of these two words, we can see tremendous revelation about our identity in Christ.

Neos: This refers to new in terms of time. A new version of same kind and same quality. For example, if you had an old Chevy truck and then decided to buy a new one that was the same in every way only with no mileage. That would be “Neos”. No different, just fresh off the factory line.

Kainos: This definition of “new” is beyond time, new of kind and of quality. This version of new is unprecedented, uncommon and unheard of. A new so far beyond that which existed before that it’s not even worth comparing it to the old. It is something that literally has never existed before. For example, if you had an old Chevy truck and then decided to take it to the dump and get the latest space craft as your new form of transportation instead….well, that would be Kainos new.

In the well-known passage of scripture that says “… if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation” (2 Cor. 5:17) the word used for new is kainos. In Christ, we are no longer our old man. We are literally something that has never existed before! When we were born again we became something altogether different than our old sinful self and have entered into a new existence. This new Kainos identity was purchased for us by Jesus Himself on the cross.

For Vinelife’s youth ministry, identity will always be our main focus. So “Kainos” seems to fit perfectly as the name of the ministry. This name is a declaration over our youth about who they truly are in Christ. This will inspire them to be themselves, inspire them to live as passionate sons and daughters of the King, and inspire them to invite others into that same newness.

Where can my Jr. High student get connected?

Our Jr. High group (6th – 8th grade) worship together in the main auditorium during the Sunday service. Students sit together in the front of the room on the right side of the stage. However, students can sit with their parents if they want.

After musical worship is over, Jr. Highers will meet Stacie Searcy in the back of the auditorium by the stairs to walk back as a group to the theater. For the rest of our time, we will play games, pray, connect, and share a message. Students are released from the theater when the main service ends.

Where can my High School student get connected?

Our High School group meets every Sunday night in the theater at Vinelife from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m..

We encourage students to come earlier to meet friends and hang out with our youth leaders. Snacks and coffee are provided.

In our gathering, we spend time in worship, hear an engaging message, and experience the supernatural ways of God.


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Wellspring Food & Clothing Bank

Vinelife values meaningful ministry that touches the needs of our community. We work diligently to love the poor, feed the hungry, clothe the needy, defend the helpless, and do what we can to help people get a new start in life. We value the grace of God & it’s accessibility to us in every station of life.


Wellspring Storehouse is a resource center at Vinelife that answers God’s call to reach out with compassion and meet the basic needs of our own church body, our friends and neighbors, and our local community. The Storehouse is open to the church body and to individuals in our community who need assistance.


Food Bank Hours:


  • Sundays from 11:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.
  • Thursdays 10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.


To volunteer or get assistance, email Marcia Sue at


Worship & Arts

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How do I get connected in the worship ministry?
Worship is central to the life of the Vinelife community. While we believe that worship is ALL of life, Vinelife also puts special emphasis on music, singing, and creative expression.

If you are a musician, singer, dancer, artist, or flag waver, we’d love to get to know you and find a way to have you join our worship community.

What kinds of worship expressions will I experience at Vinelife?
Vinelife is a worshipping church and we embrace the freedom and joy as displayed in the Scriptures.  Those who are unfamiliar with these expressions might be curious while worshipping with us.  Here is a list of expressions with supporting Scriptures of what you might experience at Vinelife.