Global Missions

His charge: “Go into all the world…” His promise: “I will be with you always…”

God is in us for our sake, but He is upon us for the sake of others. The opportunity to take the Presence of God to others is priceless. And when we look back on these moments we see the worth in what we have given.

The following are areas that Vinelife partners with. There are numerous ways to be involved and most short term trips are open to anyone who wishes to travel in a team to these areas.


Rwanda, Africa

Our presence in Rwanda is a long-term commitment. We have spent the last eight years building relationship with the people and learning about their country. We are currently working in the village of Cyanika. Our work there is not about charity…it’s about impacting lives. This will be done in a way that transfers skills and capacity to them, for them to build communities that are lasting and sustainable.

  • Educating the orphans & the poor, both children & adults
  • Roofing on the homes of the widows & the poor
  • Construction projects
  • Water containment/systems
  • Agricultural/Livestock projects
  • Economic Development
  • Pastoral and leadership training
  • Medical projects

Visit the link below for more information about the Rwanda Village Makeover.

Uganda, Africa

Comprised of a group of local educators and professionals, The Mwebaza Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization engaged in the promotion of cross-cultural exchange between partner schools in Colorado and Africa.

The Mwebaza Foundation’s mission is to enrich the relationships among our Colorado and African partner schools through cross-cultural exchange and service learning that enhances educational opportunities, fosters a healthy learning environment, and promotes self-sufficiency.

Through the Mwebaza Foundation, our Colorado partner schools and their communities raise funds to help with the various needs of our African partner schools. This includes construction of schools and classrooms, providing books and other classroom supplies, as well as general care for disadvantaged school children. We also create sustainable food programs at our partner schools in an effort to promote self-sufficiency.

Learn more about the Mwebaza foundation.


Juarez, Mexico

In Juarez, Mike and Nancy Jinnette work with Elena De Porras and her organization Reto a la Juventud (Teen Challenge). They provide a Christian environment for women’s recovery from addiction and train them with God’s principles for living. These girls also receive practical skills training in sewing, computer use and cooking.

The primary goal of Amigos of Mexico is to come alongside ministries and churches in the Guachochi region who are effectively reaching out the the Tarahumara natives.