At Vinelife we identify as an evangelical church, but also a charismatic, non-denominational church. Distinctions aside, our ultimate vision is to awaken the world to know the fullness of life through Christ.

It is this powerful message that informs our daily prayer and guides our ministries and faith toward a greater understanding of ourselves and our community.

The definition of the word evangelical is often unclear or misunderstood, so let us explore its meaning here.

The word evangelical is derived from the Greek word evangelion (eυαγγελισμός) which is interpreted as “good news.” It is this good news, or gospel as it was later translated in the New Testament, we wish to spread throughout our spirit-filled church and community.

Evangelicalism is a simple concept perhaps complicated by a seemingly complex word, but simply put, to be an evangelical church is to be a church whose constituents at their core enjoy spreading good news.

At Vinelife we seek out the goodness all around us. We look to create, discover, and spread that goodness far and wide. This is how we work together to find strength and peace in the message of Jesus Christ. And we take that strength and peace and push it out into the world to share with others.

We of course do this at our regular services, but we extend our work beyond the church to seek and to share good news across generations as well as across the globe. From our Vinelife Kids and Kainos Youth Ministry to our freedom ministries and global missions our evangelical church community is committed to awakening ourselves, each other, our families, and our global community.

Our ministries support the hungry and the poor, while also providing outlets for artistic and musical expression. Jesus told us to “go into all the world.” All the world is a global destination, but also a destination into our hearts where artistic expressions of worship are encouraged. Thusly, we incorporate aspects of artistic and musical expression into many of our services. These are the ways in which we spread the good news.

There is the good news of Christ’s birth — the annunciation by the angel Gabriel to Mary. There is the good news of Jesus Christ and all of the teachings with which he has graced us. There is the good news of the promise of the Kingdom of Heaven. There is good news in being called to be born again in Christ. And there is the good news of our community of faith.

Our evangelical church is a church devoted to this good news and one that is open to sharing that good news in a way that awakens the world to a life in Christ.

Learn more about our Longmont evangelical church, our values, our beliefs, and how we work together to awaken each other and the world to know the fullness of life through Christ. We welcome anyone and everyone to visit our service and to join our ministry!