(The following is a prophetic word given at Vinelife Church. This is one of several declarations that have shaped the identity and vision of the Vinelife community. We pray this message serves to encourage us personally and communally.) 

Sons & Daughters Will Be Taught of the Lord

Walt Roberson – Senior Pastor (1999 – 2014)
Early 2000’s

The Lord gave me a Scripture “out of the blue” on a Thursday night as the church worshipped. At that time we met weekly on Thursday evenings just to worship and follow the Spirit in ministry.  We called it “Celebrate Jesus!”  I was down on the front row worshipping and suddenly the Holy Spirit spoke the words, “Isaiah 54:13”.  I had to look it up.  I didn’t know what was written there.  It said,

Isaiah 54:13

“And all your sons (and daughters) will be taught of the Lord, and the well-being of your sons (and daughters) will be great.”

As a Father of many children in the natural, I was excited to read this. I knew it not only referred to my natural children but also to the “spiritual” children of the house at Vinelife. What a promise! The Lord would teach them and His instruction would bring about their well-being. I didn’t feel it was something that we had to make happen. I felt that it would be appropriated by faith! If we would take Him at His word it would happen to all those who willingly submitted to the “spiritual covering and authority” of the House.