Located in Longmont, CO, Vinelife Church serves the greater Boulder area and beyond. We are a non-denominational church committed to awakening the world to know the fullness of life in Christ.

Building a church community is one important way in which we strive to awaken the world together. In many ways community is the cornerstone of our church as it permeates throughout our commitment to help and awaken ourselves through helping and awakening others.

Vinelife Church facilitates missions that assist the hungry, support volunteers to help global charities in Africa and Mexico, encourage creative ways to express intimacy with God through art and music, educate through church youth groups and through Vinelife University.

As a charismatic church community we embrace our values and expressions of life. Those are:

  • Presence – God created us to enjoy intimacy with Him.
  • Family – We were made to know, to be known, and live sacrificially for others.
  • Creativity – Each person is a new creation, empowered to express God uniquely.
  • Goodness – The church exists for the good of the world.

With these values in mind we encourage you to build upon our welcoming, spirit-filled church community. Invite your family, friends, and loved ones to visit Vinelife and to join you in celebrating Christ. “Newbies” are always welcome. There is room at Vinelife for all regardless of background. And for anyone seeking community, know that among other things, like a great coffee and pastry bar, at Vinelife you can expect to meet real people pursuing a real relationship with God and with each other.

Once you, your friends, and family are a part of Vinelife there are countless ways to continue to embrace our spirit-filled church community. Of course our non-denominational church services on Sundays are essential, but know that there are many varied (and fun!) ways to continue to connect with the Vinelife Church community…

  • Check our Upcoming Events calendar. This includes our regular Sunday morning service and pre-service prayer schedules as well our church youth group meeting times.
  • Learn what’s happening in our ministries (Worship & Arts, Children, Youth, Food & Clothing Bank, Global Missions, Vinelife University).
  • Missed a sermon or care to listen again? Now you can incorporate Vinelife sermons with you on-the-go via online audio.
  • Vinelife Kids (for 6-month olds through grade four) and Kainos (for junior high and high school students) are wonderful ways family members of all ages can be involved.
  • Consider connecting with us on social media to discover the latest goings-on.

It is wonderful to join together as a community and to be among others in celebration of God. We are in no way limited to a weekly celebration of God. We believe awakening our entire lives and our entire selves to Christ and our community helps remind us to do this all the time.

If you are new to Vinelife Church or if you would like to visit or bring a new friend or family member, discover what to expect so that you can make the most out of your first experience. We think you’ll find that it’s pretty simple and that we are standing by to welcome you into our community with open arms.