Why Vinelife is the Right Youth Church for your Children

Vinelife Church is located in Longmont in the greater Boulder, CO area, but our mission extends far beyond this incredibly beautiful place we are so blessed to call home. Ours is a spirit-filled church that reaches out through global missions of education and assistance, but also generationally as we support our children and youth. We believe it is essential to remain devoted to being a youth church so that we may continue to awaken our young people to know the fullness of life in Christ.

At Vinelife, our youth celebrate and worship through creativity in music, arts, and play days. We encourage and inspire our youth with Christ by supporting them in a safe and secure environment where they may play, learn, and share.

Church Youth Group for Kids at Vinelife Church – Vinelife Kids!

Vinelife Kids is a ministry for babies up to children in fourth grade. Our safe atmosphere demands that two volunteers are in each classroom at all times as our kids are encouraged to play and learn during our Sunday morning service.

We also invite children to join in our Play Day Thursdays when we visit nearby Hammond’s Candy Factory, Sunflower Farm, Boulder Reservoir, local libraries and more. Contact Vinelife Kids Coordinator Valerie Swanson to learn more.

Church Youth Group for Junior High and High School Students – Kainos

Kainos is our ministry for junior high and high school students. The word Kainos is derived from the Greek word meaning new, but more specifically Kainos represents a newness of kind and quality that exists beyond time. Kainos is the kind of newness that is so new it cannot be compared to anything old; so new that it has never even existed before.

This is the newness represented in Kainos is that in which we invite our youth to be inspired about themselves and their lives in Christ. It is this newness in understanding Christ that we invite our youth to share with others. To learn what else is new, please contact our leadership team. We would love for Vinelife to be the youth church for your junior or high school child.

A Spirit-Filled Youth Church – Worship & Arts  

At Vinelife we celebrate intimacy with God. This is our first core value and it connects our entire community, including our youth. Music and arts appeal to our youth and we understand these as very special ways in which we may all come together to celebrate this intimacy with God and to express our love and our faith as a community.

Ours is a spirit-filled church that celebrates Christ through live music, singing, and worship through artistic expression. Learn more about our worship and commitment to music and art by contacting our Teaching Pastor, Luke Humbrecht.

Vinelife Church is a community of Christians committed to awakening the world to know the fullness of life in Christ. Discover more about our church youth groups, our commitment to music and the arts, and how we celebrate and share the message of Christ by visiting our website and contacting us anytime.