Women's Brunch

Please join us for brunch as we hear stories from Elena De Pores.  Elena carries a mother’s heart and has an incredible ability to impart inspiration and hope to women across the globe.  This luncheon is a fundraiser to benefit her work in Reto a la Juventud in Mexico.  

Tickets are on sale for $10 in lobby. RSVP to stacie@vinelife.com and ask her about bringing a dish to share. 

Basic info about Elena and Reto – Reto a la Juventud (Teen Challenge)is a women’s addiction recovery center that Elena founded in Juarez 45 years ago. More than 1000 girls and women have been rescued out of addiction during that time. Many of them have been trapped in sex trafficking as well. Reto and Elena have received many honors as the best center in the ciry, the state and even the nation. 

The specific project that she is promoting is to build an auditorium at the facility for several uses:

  1. Reto has been given an open door to go into the  middle schools of the city to present an addiction prevention program to the students. They always take one of the girls to give her testimony. Most schools in Mexico don’t have auditoriums so they go classroom to classroom. If  Reto had an auditorium The schools would provide bus transportation to Reto for large groups of students.
  2. They could use the auditorium to host community events and classes
  3. Teen Challenge Centers are required to have a church associated so the families of the women will come to Jesus. Reto’s church has outgrown all the available rooms.
  4. Reto would like to have a program to give breakfast to local school children.